3-Pack Hank Hill, Dab It Bobby, Crazy Otto pin set – Grateful Dead, cannabis inspired

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Family deal – three cartoon pins at a great price!

It’s no secret we are HUGE Simpons and King of the Hill fans. We have three cartoon inspired parody designs:

  • Just Like Crazy Otto is inspired by the Grateful Dead song Ramble Oon Rose
  • Hank Hill Driving that Train High on Propane, is inspired by the Grateful Dead song Casey Jones
  • Dab it Bobby, featuring Hank’s son Bobby, celebrating 7:10 with a nice fat dab in front of a honeycomb background!

Both KOTH pins are soft enamel on black metal, measure 1.75″ in diameter and have two posts on the back. The Crazy Otto pin is a little smaller at 1.5″ diameter.

Grab all 3 pins on the low for just $35 ~ even Hank would agree, that’s a mega-lo bargain, I tell you hwat!

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