Terrapin sea turtle cotton tapestry


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One of the most popular items in our festival store, and definitely a festy necessity! Produced by Sunshine Joy and featuring loops on each corner, so you can easily stake, tack or tie down your tap without damaging the fabric.

Sea turtle tapestry features the artwork of esteemed mural artist Rick Sinnett aka Mothman.

approximately 5 feet by 7.5 feet,
60 inches by 90 inches,
152 centimeters by 228 centimeters,
1.52 meters by 2.28 meters.
Fits a twin XL college dorm bed.

Tapestries are multifunctional – use as bedcovers or sheets, tablecloths, room dividers, curtains, super hero capes, window treatments or ceiling decor.

Outdoors, secure your picnic sheet down at the park or on the lawn. At festivals, stake out an appropriate amount of space for your friends. Tie up as a sunscreen at your campsite. Add some privacy to your car. Great at the beach as a windproof beach sheet or sun cover-up.

(c) Sunshine Joy