3D Grateful Dead Tapestry – Mexicali Blues, Muertos Sugar Skulls, Steal Your Face, Dead and Company Co – includes FREE 3D Glasses

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Honor los muertos with this Mexico-California style tapestry featuring Grateful Dead® icons. This tapestry features the a Mexicali Blues lyric inspired design featuring a Grateful Dead steal your face, skulls and roses.  Comes with a pair of FREE 3D glasses. With 3-D prismatic vision, the red roses take on a real life of their own 😉

approximately 5 feet by 7.5 feet,
60 inches by 90 inches,
152 centimeters by 228 centimeters,
1.52 meters by 2.28 meters.
Fits a twin XL college dorm bed.

Tapestries are multifunctional – use as bedcovers or sheets, tablecloths, room dividers, curtains, super hero capes, window treatments or ceiling decor.

Outdoors, secure your picnic sheet down at the park or on the lawn. At festivals, stake out personal space for yourself and your friends. Tie up as a sunscreen at your campsite. Add some privacy to your car. Great at the beach as a windproof beach sheet or sun cover-up.

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